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Post-Operative Instructions: Wisdom Teeth Removal


After the removal of impacted teeth, it is possible to encounter any one of the following:

Jaw Stiffness: This should resolve in one to two weeks with healing and increased use of the jaw.

Numbness: You may experience numbness of the tongue, lower lip, chin, or gum tissue. This is generally a temporary condition. It may last for a few days or many months. Contact the office if this condition persists for more than one week.

Shifting of Teeth: Teeth adjacent to the extraction site may seem to have shifted slightly, causing some discomfort. This sensation is usually temporary and should resolve itself.

Irritation: You may notice irritation, sores, or cracking of the lips and corners of the mouth. This is due to chapped lips and/or stretching of the lips during surgery. It is best treated by keeping the lips well lubricated with a mild ointment.

Sharp Bony Edges: Occasionally, patients will detect hard substances with their tongue in the area of the extraction. This is the bony wall that surrounded the tooth. In most cases, this is a temporary condition. Please contact the office if this persists.

Dry Socket: This term refers to a condition which may arise after the removal of teeth. Symptoms may include a throbbing, radiating pain. This pain may radiate to the ear, jaw, teeth, head, or throat. This discomfort would normally resolve without treatment; however, the pain can be managed through the use of over-the-counter pain relievers and/or with medicated dressings placed in the extraction socket. If you think you may have this condition, please call the office so we may help you.

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